National Bank of Rwanda

Rwandan Market
ICD Corporation is supporting the National Bank of Rwanda by reviewing business and technical requirements for all areas of the central bank including Banking Supervision, Accounting and Financial Management, Banking Operations, Currency Management, Financial Markets, Monetary Policy, Research, Statistics and Human Resources. ICD Corporation is responsible for development of technical specifications for recommended applications and assessment of ICT Department skilling and provision of training. ICD Corporation is also making recommendations the overall strategy for Payments in Rwanda.

The following are the activities performed to date: Developed the project work plan; Review of  Business and Technical requirements for the Central Bank, Meetings with Stakeholders, Assessment of ICT Department and recommendations; Reviewed and assessed the Core Banking System Application and suggested plan for improvement, Developed Core Banking Technical Specifications for tender documents, including  functional and non-functional requirements to  support  the Banking operations– Currency Management , Financial Markets and Risk Management  Departments.; Developed Strategic Application Roadmap; Developed ERP and Data Warehouse Technical Specifications.

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